GTA 6 Game Release Date, System Requirement, Rumors and Much More

This article is all about GTA 6 Game Release Date, System Requirement, Rumors, and Much More. As you all know, GTA is the world famous serious. Every year GTA launch his new game. GTA 5 launch in 2013 was outstanding and incredibly massive. This game even made more money than a movie. In last year GTA 5 made 6 billion dollars by the sell of 90 millions of units.

Although the game was released in 2013 and still active in lots of PC, hundred of gamers play it every day. Now GTA announce the game GTA 6, This will be more entertaining than the last one.

What’s New in GTA 6 Game?

More Missions

The mission’s like job in army or police, Bank robbery is great; Those missions will give a more real feeling in the game. GTA 6 will be full of such adventure and money making mission. Here you more mission than other GTA games.

Adding More Realism

GTA series is full of realism. Because of its money-making missions, you feel more realistic in-game, GTA 6 can support some destructible views and innovative idea.

In the upcoming game of GTA, We get things like a battlefield; The developer will always help to add more realism in GTA.

House Changes

In GTA 5 you can buy your own house, GTA 6 can allow you to buy an apartment or a big house, and most importantly there will be the option to design your home as own.

Gta 6 Cars

In GTA 6 you get more vehicles then GTA 5, There will be the addition of some trucks basically the monsters trucks such as 1967 Shelby GT500, 1950’s Chevy Pickup Truck or Chevy SS Camaros, Hot Rods, 1950’s Ford Pickup Truck.

More Stylish Clothes

Many of the players always want to customize there cloth, GTA 6 is a little bit different from GTA 5, It will give you the ability to buy clothes for each character if you were playing it in multiplayer. Here you get full control to customize your figure in the game.

Modification of Vehicles

GTA 6 will also allow you to modify your vehicle or car; You can add neon light, a different type of body kit, Change the colour, and speakers of the vehicle. You can fully customize your cars according to your needs.

Female Warrior

After the criticization about the female role in GTA 5, GTA 6 will have a female protagonist in the centre of their story; This game is all about highest level excitement. The female warrior is one of the innovative ideas, that’s why privilege is most popular in the world.

VR Compatibility

As you all know, Its a time of virtual reality. According to the rumours, GTA 6 will be upgraded with virtual reality. VR means the players can even become part of the game with the help of it.

The concept sounds dramatic, but the current scenario of technology is all about that. Currently, lots of PlayStation are upgraded with VR support, That’s why lots of people think GTA 6 comes with virtual reality.

Bring 1970’s Back

Lots of GTA fans want GTA 6 in a retro look of 1970; It was first reported by Motoring Crunch, It becomes the headline after that lots of other famous sites share their opinion and personal views on this idea.

Even lots of GTA fan also share their opinion about this; They liked the idea of 70’s cultures. Talking about the story, It was all about mafia’s as it incorporates all the corrupt government and all business owned by mafia.

Modern Town

The city is one of the most important things GTA game. In an upcoming generation of GTA means in GTA 6 we get a new town. It will be a great adventure and thrill to explore the modern city. GTA 6 is expecting in next-generation consoles which will provide an excellent opportunity to break away from the towns.

More Adventure

GTA Games is famous for adventures; Another most interesting thing is adding a new adventure mission Like in GTA 6 get a professional like the president of the United States and many other leaders of the political party, Even here you also get the chief of some aliens.

The players always want a new city and place in this series, which will increase the adventure and thrilling experience.

Customize The Main Character

Many of the GTA fans always want to customize their character in the game; It will be great if you can customize your appearance, clothes and look in the game.

According to the licks, These features is included in GTA 6.

Other Feature

Talking about the feature, Customization will include the main feature of the GTA 6, Players will love to customize their appearance, cars, guns, and more thing. Like the most famous PUBG, you need to pay a small amount to customize your appearance and vehicles in the game.

GTA 6 Game PC Minimum System Requirements

Following are the system requirement which you should have if you want to play GTA 6 on pc.

Operating SystemWin 10 64 bit
ProcessorIntel Core i5-4460 3.2GHz / AMD FX-8350
Memory (RAM)8 GB
Graphics CardAMD Radeon R9 390 or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 4GB
Storage100 GB

This is the system requirements which you should have if you want to play GTA 6 in your pc, For best performance, You should have the following system requirement.

Recommended System Requirement for GTA 6 Game PC

Operating SystemWin 10 64
ProcessorIntel Core i7-8700K 6-Core 3.7GHz / AMD Ryzen R7 1700X
Memory (RAM)16 GB RAM
Graphics CardAMD Radeon RX Vega 64 Liquid 8GB or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti
Storage55 GB Hard drive space

If you want to play GTA 6 without any lag or disturbance, you should have the above-recommended system configuration, you can also game with minimum system requirements given below, but you should not fully enjoy the game with minimum system requirements. The graphic is very low in minimum system requirements.

gta 6 game

GTA 6 Game Release Date

Last time GTA 5 has launched in 2013, Talking about the exact date, It was launched on September 17, 2013, Talking about the GTA 6, According to the sources, It was expected to release in 2017, But it not happen. According to most trusted sources, Upcoming GTA 6 will launch in 2020.

There is considerable time distance in GTA 5 and GTA 6 because of the expert’s took strenuous efforts and money to build the game. Last time GTA 5 took almost 265 million dollars, GTA 6 is more than it, Here you get a new weapon, cars, character, city and much more, So it will make more money than GTA 5. Talking about the final date, GTA 6 will launch in 2020.

The date of the launching can be changed Because experts were trying to make this game more real looking, That’s why they are taking more time. Talking about the download availability, GTA will open there pre-order section, In which you can pre-order the game, and you will get at as fast as possible when launched.

One more thing, If you’re interested in playing GTA 6 on your PC, then you may wait for a little more time, Because according to the sources, As like GTA 5 the upcoming GTA 6 will also first launch for console and then after it is available for PCs and other platforms. In January and February 2020, the pre-booking of the game will be available. If you’re the PC user, then you need to wait for more time then console.

GTA 6 Game Map: where will GTA 6 be set?

GTA 6 comes with a new city or map; Possibly it is in Brazil, In the country of Brazil, the significant drug business is widespread, and it is one of the unique maps that players might be able to encounter GTA VI in.

Many women head the house in this area, and some of them get entangled in the drug trade, which also covers the way for the game developers to come up with storylines that include female leads.

An official of GTA 6 doesn’t launch any trailer of this game, But the lots fan is already uploaded tonnes of the trailer on youtube. In some trailer on the internet looks much, which is not believable. Those fan-made trailers on youtube are in trending nowadays, Some of them almost hit 10 million views.

Talking about the fan-made trailers, It looks very fantastic, and graphics of the game are mind blowing and building and vehicles real along with the main character in the game.

But some of the GTA 6 trailers on the Youtuber are disliked by the players, One of those trailers almost hit 20 million views, and it more dislikes than likes.

Rather then all those things, you will definitely experience a new city in GTA 6, with all the latest cars, character and much more, Even for more reason there are some building is under construction at the time of starting game, and it will complete after some, You will see the worker workers working on it. Those buildings will build in front of your eyes.

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